How is a Mytho supplement born?


How is a Mytho supplement born?

Have you ever wondered how a supplement is born?

Living long and healthy has always been the primary need of the human being. The cure, often also the defeat of the most important diseases, is due to the discovery of new drugs. But this is a long, complex and expensive process, not without economic risks for the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, the benefits of drugs are sometimes contrasted with important side effects that limit their use, discouraging both doctors and patients. For this reason, in recent years the market for food supplements has had considerable success, whose composition generally refers to natural substances, safer and well tolerated, in some cases even more effective than actual drugs.

Answering this question is by no means simple. For MYTHO, the design of a new dietary supplement must meet the marketing needs and at the same time adhere to the true mission of the company: to market products useful for combating the main chronic diseases of the Western world, improving the health and physical performance of athletes, to help people achieve greater physical, aesthetic and mental balance.

How are our supplements born?

The main questions we ask ourselves when thinking about a new supplement are:

1- Is there a market demand for a specific health problem that is important to us?

2- Which and how many projects have already been made with respect to that need?

3- How can we best respond to that particular problem?

For example, when we designed MYTHOXAN HD, we planned to make a supplement for sarcopenia (muscle loss) that affects the elderly, cancer patients and patients with chronic conditions.

Research in international databases, in vitro and in vivo studies and international clinical experience advised us to build a formula capable of affecting the synthesis of albumin, inflammation and excess free radicals present in those conditions.

The design had to have the patient at the center and meet an extremely important medical need. Once the formula had been worked out, we had to identify the producer, find the raw materials, find the most suitable form and start the industrial phase.

You can still start from a good idea but it is not always possible to combine different substances. To find out, it is necessary to study the mixture, carry out stability studies by placing the product in extreme humidity and temperature conditions. After all these steps, the new supplement is finally registered and, once the graphics have been prepared and the marketing studied, it is put on the market.