Reflumyt® is a medical device for treatment
of gastroesophageal reflux


A perfect, pleasant and effective mix to combat gastroesophageal reflux, promote digestion and stomach emptying. REFLUMYT is preferred over other alginates due to the total absence of sodium which allows its use in hypertensive subjects.

It is indicated for the reduction of symptoms related to gastroesophageal reflux and esophagitis. The use of the product allows to limit the sensations of burning (heartburn), regurgitation, difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia), painful swallowing (odynophagia), cough, dysphonia.

Magnesium alginate, Anisum stellatum extract, Chamomilla recutita extract, Foeniculum vulgare extract, xanthan gum, Lavandula angustifolia extract, Tilia platyphyllos extract, sucralose, sodium methyl p-oxybenzoate, sodium propyl p-oxybenzoate, purified water.