Nutri.Prof – Federation of Professional Nutritionists, a non-profit association, based in Rome, was born with a very specific purpose: to bring together Nutritionist Biologists, Nutritionists and Dieticians. From ECM refresher courses for Professional Members, to training courses and / or Internships for Ordinary Members (students), to food education and nutritional information campaigns aimed at citizens or lovers of the subject (Ordinary Members); we embrace nutrition at 360 °. We espouse and support the “MEDITERRANEAN DIET” model.  We deepen topics on Sports Nutrition and clinical dietetics (dietotherapy). All with scientific rigor, making use of the collaboration of teachers and professionals in the sector.

ISSA Europe

Since 1997 ISSA Europe, International Sports Sciences Association, is the Leading School in Training and Services in the Fitness sector, based in Milan, recognized internationally and by CONI through CSI.

With over 30,000 students, 10 theoretical and practical training courses, an Academy and a network of Centers of Excellence, the School is aimed at enthusiasts, instructors, personal trainers, managers, graduates, technicians, operators and health professionals.

Civitanova Triathlon

The Civitanova Triathlon is the first Triathlon team born in the city of Civitanova Marche.

Under the well-tested machine of President Alberto Cinella and Vice President Marco Tarabelli, today our team has over 80 members who compete every year in national and international competitions.

Sulle strade dell'avventura

“Sulle Strade dell’Avventura” is an incubator of content and experiences … Each adventure highlights different values ​​that become the heritage of those who experience them and those who watch them.

A team of men, women, vehicles and equipment to make documentaries.