Amino acids for sport, health and well-being

The MYTHOXAN LINE consists of a pool of nine essential amino acids, two non-essential and two derivatives, working in concert with each other.

MYTHOXAN 30 stick and MYTHOXAN HD 30 stick (high dose) have the same composition but a different dosage, both are useful for correcting protein malnutrition in old age and energy deficits resulting from chronic diseases.

To deal with a period of asthenia or compensate for a temporary food shortage, the most suitable product is MYTHOXAN base. While, in the most urgent or stressful physical conditions, the MYTHOXAN HD formula allows you to achieve the result more quickly.

Many international studies have shown that products based on essential amino acids (EAA) are characterized by absolute tolerability and very high safety of use. This allows us to recommend its use at high doses in acute and chronic malnutrition, even in the presence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, skin lesions, infections and sepsis, neurodegenerative diseases, neoplasms, immune deficiencies and others. …

We recommend taking at least 2 stick packs in two daily doses, away from meals, to optimize absorption. The dose can be increased according to the advice of your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist.

MYTHOXAN FORTE is available in three versions, from 30 stick, from 200 and 420 tablets. The addition of mineral salts of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc in organic form has made it possible to obtain an ideal formula for increasing the performance, endurance and muscle recovery of athletes after exertion. Muscles are the amino acid reservoir of our whole body and athletes need a continuous supply of amino acids in their diet to reduce inflammation, detoxify and repair muscle after intense or particularly prolonged activity.

We recommend taking at least 2 stick packs or 8 tablets divided into two daily doses, before and after physical activity. The dose can be increased according to the advice of your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist.

What makes the difference between the MYTHOXAN LINE nd any other mixture of amino acids is the quantitative and qualitative balance between the amino acids together with the presence of ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate and n-acetylcysteine.

The amino acids present in the MYTHOXAN LINE work in concert to reduce the excess of free radicals, activate mitochondriagenesis, autophagy and cell turnover.

“I believe essential amino acids (EAAs) will become the most important nutritional supplements for human health and related diseases in the years to come.”. R.R. WOLFE – Harward University

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