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MYTHELOR is a food supplement based on natural substances such as Quercetin, Fisetin, Oleuropein, ECGC and Selenium capable of modulating cellular immunity and senescence.

Cellular aging depends on non-modifiable genetic factors and epigenetic or environmental factors on which it is possible to intervene by making prevention. Advancing age and chronic diseases determine an increase in senescent cells and the appearance of inflammatory processes that slow down cell turnover and reduce metabolic efficiency.

The components of MYTHELOR are able to counteract senescence by controlling inflammation and the production of free radicals (ROS). The constant use of MYTHELOR can help slow down the processes of cellular aging, alterations of the mitochondrial DNA and the appearance of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. MYTHELOR  modulates the immune response and reduces chronic antigenic stress, helping to protect the body from the risk of infectious, autoimmune and neoplastic diseases.

We recommend taking 2 capsules a day, preferably on a full stomach

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