Dr. Emanuele Giordano​

Quantitative Computational Physiology​

“The most important supplement is that of essential amino acids. How we age and our physical and mental performance depends on them.”

Prof. Stefano Zambelli​

Chair "fitness and wellness" master's degree in physical education

“Amino acids have a unique metabolic role among nutrients and are” adaptogens “, the body uses them for plastic, enzymatic and energy functions. An adequate daily dose of essential amino acids allows to nourish the muscle and increase the number of mitochondria, with enormous advantages on physical performance. ”

Dr. Ali Younes

Specialist in Anesthesia and Pain Therapy.

“Biochemical Changes Induced by Nutritional Strategies May Help Patients Control Fibromyalgia Pain”

Dr. Claudio Patacca

Nutritionist biologist, Doctor of Exercise and Sports Sciences in the Pescara and Milan offices.

“An athlete has such high energy requirements that only an adequate supply of essential amino acids can ensure …”

Dr. Marco Membrino

radiotherapy specialist, expert in clinical nutrition and
medical slimming therapies

“The essential role of essential amino acids in the medical treatment of obesity to support muscle mass and skin integrity.”